Reflexology in Tulsa works! Look below to read and hear what my clients are saying about their experience and results of Reflexology by Pat in Tulsa. These are just a small number of the customers I have had the privilege of helping over the years.



L Janssen testimonial - Reflexology by Pat in Tulsa

Jim B. – Tulsa 2013

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in Feb. 2005. My leg has always hurt and the doctors could not figure out what was causing the pain. I talked with other people that have Multiple Sclerosis and they suggested I see a Reflexologist. I started going to Pat. She made the pain in my leg go away. It was much better to get a massage than take a bunch of pills that don’t work. After 6 sessions with Pat, I don’t fall anymore.
After I had gone to her for awhile, I noticed that the swelling for an old sprained ankle was gone. Now you can’t tell which ankle I had sprained.
One day I had a bad cold and all the medicine I took wasn’t helping. I got an appointment with Pat. After I left her house, I didn’t have any more nausea and the cold lasted only one more day. She has helped me with my muscle spasms too. Before I went to her, my hands would always shake. My legs would move on their own. Now I don’t have to take so much medicine for my spasms. My hands don’t shake so bad that I drop things.
Reflexology has helped me with my stress level. It helps me relax. I would recommend Reflexology to everyone. It has helped me with my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. It is not only healing like medicine, but it feels great and no side effects. After time goes by, I still notice how much better I feel and how I am not so stressed.”
Deirdre Cruz – February 13, 2008

“I was diagnosed with sugar diabetes Type II in 1989. I was given prescription medicine for it. I progressively got worse. In 1999, I was diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet and legs; Diabetes causes damage to the nerve ending in extremities of the body. My legs and feet were losing feeling but very painful.
Around 2000 or so, I was diagnosed with arthritis in both my knees and was sent to a specialist who wanted to replace my knees. I asked for another shot instead. The doctor shot steroids in my knees and that helped with the pain but caused my sugar to go so high. The relief lasted about three months and then when I went in for another shot, it really got my sugar up and I couldn’t get it down. Then I was given shots of a substance obtained from the comb of a rooster that did not seem to help the pain at all, but did not affect my diabetes. I was diagnosed with Internal Shingles in 2001. In 2002, the doctor put me on insulin for my diabetes to try and get it under control. He also put me on medicine for high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. In 2003, I was involved in a car wreck and suffered broken ribs and internal injuries. This caused my sugar to get out of control and caused a lot of physical issues with my body.
One of my sisters and I were working as volunteers for the Oklahoma Victory Transformation Center (OVTC) in Sapulpa. She told me she worked with another volunteer who was a “Foot Lady” and that she worked on people’s feet with diabetes. I had to call all volunteers to set up a work schedule and when I talked to Pat Bella, I realized she was the “Foot Lady” my sister had told me about. So I made an appointment with her while we were talking on the phone.
One of the best choices I have ever made. The first week I went to Pat Bella for reflexology I had more energy than I have had in some time. The more I went to her, the more good things started happening to my body. My feet and legs started getting more feeling in them and the color started coming back to them. I was wearing patches for the shingles and don’t have to wear them very often now. My pancreas started working and I was able to get off insulin, thanks to Pat Bella and the reflexology treatments. And, I thank God for working through her to help my health to be better.
I certainly would recommend reflexology to anyone. Pat Bella is one of the best.”
J. Moore – April 19, 2005

Harrison testimonial - Reflexology by Pat in Tulsa“We wanted to thank you for all of your help with our five-year-old son, Harrison.
When he had continuous ear infections this past winter, we were sent to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist who classified Harrison’s tonsils as a Four (the largest classification). The tonsils were so enlarged that the ears could not drain properly, causing ear infections. Because of this classification, the specialist wanted to surgically remove the tonsils and adenoids.
Not wanting our son to undergo surgery, we sought out your services. After five sessions with you, Harrison’s tonsils are now smaller, being classified as a Three. The specialist no longer feels surgery is needed!
Thank you for all of your help, we greatly appreciate your good and loving work.”
B. Petre – May 30, 2002

“I am writing to let you know how much your Reflexology treatments have helped with the  problem I had been having with migraine headaches. When I first came to you I was having frequent, severe migraine headaches. The expensive prescription medication was only effective half of the time and sometimes the medication made me feel worse. After a few treatments, the frequency and character of the headaches changed for the better. The headaches were usually responsive to the prescription medication. Now, while I still have headaches, they are much less frequent and I am able to control them with aspirin. I have not had a migraine for the last three months, which you must admit is a real change. I thank you for your wonderful caring presence and I intend to continue with the reflexology treatments because they have helped me so much and they make me feel so good.”
J. Boyle, MN, RN – May 6, 2001

“After much concern about swollen areas in my hands and feet that were causing considerable pain, I decided to try some alternative methods for drainage of the lymph glands and stimulation of my body’s immune system. I wanted to pursue preventive methods before I developed severe arthritis.
For approximately three months I have been going for regular Reflexology treatments from Pat Bella. I began with weekly treatments for the first month and am now receiving twice monthly treatments. After only about two months I began to notice some diminished pain in the tender areas and an overall improvement in feeling well. I am now sleeping better at night as well.
I am so convinced of the effectiveness of Reflexology and the skill of Pat Bella that I am willing to make time to go see her.”
P. Rodriguez-Lozano – October 3, 2000

“I have been receiving Reflexology treatments from Pat Bella for approximately four months now. I originally began the treatments because of a painful sciatic nerve problem. That sciatic pain has now disappeared and I believe it is a result of those Reflexology treatments and Pat’s instructions for self-help between treatments.

I continue to receive treatments from Pat since I believe it is beneficial to my over-all health. The relaxation benefit alone is worth having the treatment.
I would recommend Pat to anyone who is considering Reflexology treatments and would also suggest that they try her even if they hadn’t considered Reflexology before.”
J. Russell
Financial Manager Tulsa Zoo – October 3, 2000

S Roberg testimonial - Reflexology by Pat in Tulsa

“Pat’s heart for relieving pain and suffering has led her to continue to develop her skills as a highly-trained professional in the area of Reflexology.  She has personally relieved me of long-standing chronic neck pain, as well as strengthening my lower back and immune system.
The most amazing experience of her work in reflexology, however, was when she accompanied me to Russia on a Humanitarian Assistance Relief Project when I did trauma recovery work with Veterans of the Afghanistan War.  We worked side by side bringing relief from emotional and physical pain that these men had carried for nine years.  She has a unique gift as well as being highly skilled.”
Carol Langdon, M.A. LMFT, BCETS
Diplomate American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

“I spend several hours a day entering data into a computer. Early in 1998, I began experiencing pain in my wrists, especially in my left wrist.  I wrapped it in an elastic bandage and put the heating pad on it but it continued to get worse.  I went to the doctor and his diagnosis was carpal tunnel syndrome.
I wore a brace for a period of time, but it didn’t help.  I knew there was a possibility surgery was the only medical option left.  Not wanting to have surgery, I talked to my friend and Reflexologist, Pat Bella, who gives me treatments that successfully relieve a extremely severe, life-long sinus headache condition.
Pat suggested we try Reflexology treatments on my wrists. The first two treatments didn’t seem to help, but we continued weekly treatments for about one month and soon I began to get relief.  After a few months, the pain had almost completely disappeared.  I now get a monthly maintenance treatment and have only occasional recurrences of slight pain, which is relieved by pressing on the areas of my wrists and forearms like Pat showed me.
I am a firm believer in Reflexology, having seen it successfully work on two different debilitating health problems in my life, and hearing of successful treatments from other people.
I hope to see Reflexology included as an approved form of treatment by our insurance companies in the future.  I am sure that many surgeries and long-term medications could be avoided if Reflexology treatments were used.”
D. Fishback – March 22, 1999

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