About Reflexology by Pat

Pat Bella Certified Reflexologist Tulsa OK

My Mission:  To Show people a natural way to better health!

Pat Bella is a Certified Reflexologist in Tulsa.  She is certified with one hundred hours of internship with Digits International Reflexology and uses The Ingham Method.  She has practiced around the world, helping to restore health and wholeness in the lives of thousands.

Pat became interested in Reflexology in 1988 through her own healing experience.  Over the next five years, she took training courses and practiced Reflexology in Tulsa part time.  In 1997, Pat left her full time job as a Financial Secretary to start her own business, “Reflexology by Pat”. Pat couples a unique sensitivity with expert training to bring relaxation, restoration, and renewal to the client’s body and mind.

In 1999, Pat traveled as part of a medical team to Kaliningrad, Russia, ministering to children in 23 orphanages in that area.

For 8 years, Pat maintained an office at the TriRidge Office Park at 42nd and Mingo.  Several years ago, Pat moved to a more relaxing atmosphere at home.  This allows her to spend less time commuting and more time with her clients.

Pat lectures about Reflexology in Tulsa at assisted living centers, City Park events, hospitals, and to small groups.  She has set up a booth to provide information on the benefits of Reflexology in Tulsa and given courtesy Reflexology treatments at the City of Tulsa Health Fair since 1998.

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